M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in M&A, Investment and Institutional Finance

As the economy grows rapidly, so does the demand for deal makers: professionals with high level expertise who can help to bring equity investments, debt based or hybrid finance or make M&A deals. Develop mastery and breakthrough expertise in areas like Mergers and Acquisition, Investment Laws, Banking and Finance, FDI and external commerical borrowing. Learn to strategize and negotiate deals and advice in-house counsels. Learn how to deal with regulatory bodies like the RBI and the Competition Commission.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in Intellectual Property and Cyber Law

This specialization is highly recommended for those aspiring to build or work in decision making positions in innovation and intellectual property driven companies, especially technology companies, new media and content based businesses, pharma or entertainment industry. As India makes its transition from an agrarian to industrial to a knowledge based digital economy, IP and IT law professionals are valued and needed more than ever. Here is an opportunity to learn from global experts the knowledge and skills that has never been offered by any course ever before, skills that will take your professional success to a whole new height.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in Corporate Governance and Statutory Compliances

The top reason for business failure in India is lack of corporate governance. This is a recommended course for independent directors in companies,entrepreneurs, compliance professionals, CEOs and CFOs. For senior level professionals aspiring for a director level position or  a seat in the board of an MNC, this will be a fantastic additional qualification. Also recommended for lawyers who want to improve their expertise in general corporate practice.

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M.A. in Business Laws in Drafting, Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

This specialization focuses on the classical skills of a business lawyer that are rarely taught effectively by the academia but are needed every day in the course of regular business. Learn best practices and industry standards, acquire negotiation skills that can be used in day to day business and master groundbreaking dispute resolution strategies that are being developed at the highest level on an ongoing basis. Learn how to make Alternative Dispute Resolution work and how to get the best out of the Indian justice system.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in Insurance, Banking and Financial Services

The Indian economy is growing at a rapid pace and so is the financing done by banks and other financial institutions. Therefore, experts in banking, insurance and financial sectors are in great demand. Develop mastery over the regulatory mechanisms of insurance, banking and finance sectors. Learn how to strategize deals for getting bank loans, private equity investment, government funds. Master skills of negotiating insurance deals for high-value transactions, learn to carry out an insolvency process, have an in-depth knowledge of corporate finance, investment laws and compliances, regulation of online payments and to deal with regulatory bodies such as SEBI, IRDA, RBI and the like.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in Securities and Capital Markets

The role of professionals with expertise in the securities and capital markets sector is critical in clinching deals worth millions of dollars. In this specialization, get an in-depth understanding of equity investment, debt financing, international securities regulation. Discover the securities market, regulatory practices and the legal mechanism, white collar crimes and securities fraud. Develop expertize in negotiating high-value equity deals, loan and debt transactions and in dealing with regulatory bodies such as SEBI, IRDA, RBi etc.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in Competition Law

As the economy of India is growing and maturing, several businesses are merging or being taken over to create big and powerful institutions holding tremendous power and influence in the market. The demand for legal experts in Competition Law is increasing rapidly. In this specialization, learn about competition law practices in India, international practices in competition law various regulatory mechanisms followed in India, several laws which regulate anti-competitive activities. Develop a mastery in advising companies on anti-competitive practices and in mergers and acquisition transactions where there is a risk of creating a monopoly.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in International Trade and Cross-Border Transactions

A professional career in International Trade has always been one of the sought after careers in the world. It is a complex In this specialization, learn about the various laws and treaties regulating international trade, international commercial arbitration and taxation of cross-border transactions. Master the knowledge of several international regulations on trade and cross-border transactions, anti-dumping laws, countervailing duty, safeguard measures etc., advise companies to comply with multinational export control restrictions and sanctions.

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M.A. in Business Laws with specialization in Energy Law

Energy consumption is increasing rapidly and sources of energy production are changing constantly. Experts in Energy Law are in high demand by private power companies, PSUs, regulatory bodies, investors and legislators. Learn about the various oil, gas and mining laws, regulations in the energy sector. Get expertise in renewable energy laws, project finance, investment laws and compliances in the energy sector. Develop mastery in negotiating investment deals for energy companies, frame energy policies for companies, regulatory bodies and the government and consult energy companies.

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